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Programming - 2016 Student Playwriting Competition Showcase

Readings of the winning plays from ATG’s 2016 student playwriting competition.

High School Winner: A Night with the Dream Keeper by Austin Lamewona

For the first time in history, an audience is welcomed into the private library of the Dream Keeper, a supernatural being who watches and records people’s dreams. For one night, the dream keeper will weave through the dreams and subsequent real-life sequences of four very interesting characters who come from four very different walks of life. Together, the dream sequences and real-life sequences create a cohesive play that inspires themes of passion and perfection.

Director: Aaron Moss


Stage Directions: Sandra Roberts

College Winner: My Dad’s Boy by Finnius Teppett

A young man writes a play about his father, trying to figure him out. Is he a good dad? A bad one? Does he even know there’s a difference? When his own girlfriend gets pregnant, though, the writer is faced with fatherhood himself.

Director: Josephine Hogan


Stage Directions: Sandra Roberts

About the Playwrights

Austin Lamewona is an aspiring African American writer from Cincinnati, Ohio. There are few things he enjoys more than the world of theatre and all it has to offer. Sometimes he is a novelist, sometimes he is an actor, and sometimes he is a playwright. Most of the time however, he is a student, jumping at any opportunity to improve his craft.

Finnius Teppett is a playwright from Wellington, New Zealand. He graduated from the University of Auckland with a BA in English and Drama, and from Victoria University’s International Institute of Modern Letters with an MA with Merit, in Creative Writing. His plays have been produced across New Zealand, as well as Australia and the Philippines. A shortlisted writer in New Zealand’s ‘Playwrights b4 25’ competition for four years running, he recently won ‘Highly Commended’ at the prestigious Adam NZ Play Awards, for his play My Dad’s Boy.

Workshop and program signing photos by Mary Cahill

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