Dramalogue: Housebreaking, Part 1


Housebreaking by Jakob Holder

Full Length, Drama

3 men, 1 woman

Total Cast: 4, Flexible Set

Running Time: 1hr. 50 min.

Fee: $80 per performance

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Dramalogue: Housebreaking, Part 1

Our Dramalogue series presents readings of innovative plays from around JakobHolderHeadshot20#92011the world. The first play in the series is Housebreaking by Jakob Holder. In Part 1 of our presentation, we hear perspectives on the rehearsal process from the playwright, the director, and the actors. You’ll be introduced to the characters in the play, and will observe the creative team working through the opening scenes, in which Chad brings a stranger into his home. There are four parts to our presentation, each 5-7 minutes.

Playwright … Jakob Holder
Director … Liz Carlson


 … Neil D’Astolfo
 … Will Turner
 … Megan Tusing
Dad … Ned Van Zandt

Director of Photography … Christina Cervantes

Camera Operator
 … Zach Kuperstein
Assistant Camera
 … Alex Vieira

 Recording … Chad Sonenberg
Editing … Anthony Ellison, Carl Lee
Associate Producer … Kristen Luciani
 … Neil Wechsler

Jakob Holder’s plays have had productions and readings throughout the U.S., the U.K., in Helsinki and Rome. He is a two-time winner of the Last Frontier Theatre Conference Playlab Award and a three-time winner of the NAAA New Play Competition. In 2009 he was selected to be the sole Cherry Lane Theatre Mentor Project playwright for his play HOUSEBREAKING. His full-program plays include: BEDTIME SOLOS; HOUSEBREAKING (Dramatists Play Service, 2012); REPEAT PLAY; GREEN SETTING SUN; THE SHOULDER; THE OPEN CIRCUIT, TO THE SEA IN A SIEVE, and THE AGATHA SHADOW. His short plays include: ONE SLIP; DARKTIME IN SKIPLAND; ERSATZ; FINDINGS; and SUMATRA MANDHELING, which was published in Post Road #18. He has led playwriting workshops for children in Alaska, teenagers in Florida, and adults in Finland. A resident of New York City, he is a 2002 Dramatists Guild Fellow, a 2003 Lark Theatre Fellow, a 2006 Oriveden Opisto Resident Artist, and a member of The Dramatists Guild.


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